Create superfans with laser-focused messaging.

Don't leave your marketing details half-baked. Gain clarity, flow and structure to connect and convert.

I help ideas and big picture people by handling the details that aren’t in their DNA.

Through proofreading and editing, website audits and updates, lead magnets and strategy sessions, I polish your ideas so they shine brighter, flow the way they should and look professional.

Which means your clients find you, understand what you do and want what you offer.

You handle all kinds of crazy details for your clients and your business. You relish all the specifics related to your craft.

But spending time fixing silly things like typos? Making your copy flow perfectly? Adding clarity and consistency so it looks super profesh?

Just the thought makes you want to run for the hills.

THOSE details simply aren’t your thing. Never were.

Hi, I'm Kerstin.

I help ideas and big picture people just like you get back to what you do best: be creative, do the work you love and share it with the world.

I take care of that pesky detail work you hate doing.

My superpowers are an incredible eye for detail and the ability to think outside the box.

With a lifetime of experience solving problems, I’ll help you polish your ideas so they shine brighter, become clear and consistent and look professional.

How we can work together

Editing and Proofreading

Whether your copy needs a pressure test, a fine-tune or a spit and polish, my editing services have you covered.

Website Audits and Revisions

Is your website clear and consistent to attract your ideal clients? Ask for an audit or help with your update.

Lead Magnet Edits and Design

You've written the copy for a lead magnet and need it edited and designed? I can help.

My VIP options are perfect for 1:1 consults, strategy sessions or quick turnaround projects. Just ask.

Why spend money on a handful of specialists, and then have to deal with the hassle of integrating their work, when you can hire one incredible woman to do it all? Kerstin is smart, sensible and organised. Whatever your key message, she'll help you say it straight so that you hit your target market every time. When I'm working on creative writing projects, I turn to Kerstin whether I need a big-picture, structural edit, or whether I need her to put my words under a microscope for a copy edit. I rely on her to point out inconsistencies and places where my meaning might be misconstrued. Her feedback is generous and insightful, making my writing stand out and making it easier for me to be taken seriously by editors at literary publications.
Jenny Hedley
Writer and Editor

A few of my creds


Ready to leave those pesky details to me?

If, after reading all this, you think we’d be a good fit to work together, tell me about your challenges and how I can help you.

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