You're an ideas person. You do big picture stuff.

I love handling those details that aren't in your DNA. Proofreading. Consistency. Structure. Clarity. Flow.

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By the time you’ve got your big ideas out of your head, you’re drained. Completely spent.

Except now you’re supposed to make it clear and consistent, pretty and professional. Which means spelling and grammar and flow and ALL THE THINGS.

I can hear your screams without leaving my desk.

‘Enough with the details already! Don’t all those ideas count for something?’

They sure do. You just need help taking them to the next level.

And you don’t have to worry about a single apostrophe or semicolon.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I'm Kerstin.

Detail is my middle name. Well, it should have been.

Spotting inconsistencies, spelling and grammar mistakes comes naturally to me (and is a real nuisance when I read for pleasure).

The teenager who spent weekends leafing through a dictionary learning new words? Yup, that was me.

I live and breathe details. I love taking a bird’s eye view and finding the red thread in your content. Which means I can take all your ideas, make them flow the way they should and fix those details.

It all adds up to customers finding you, understanding what you do and buying what you sell.

Because when that happens, it’s magic.

Like the jumbled pieces of a puzzle, suddenly fitting together to form a picture.

That’s the moment I work for.

Fun Facts

  • In another life, I’d probably own a patisserie/café. I love baking and chocolate making and could happily do that all day.

  • I watch DVDs. I know, who still has those, right? No Netflix and definitely no reality TV for me (unless it’s GBBO, naturally). I’m a Firefly, The West Wing, Pride & Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, Downton Abbey kinda girl. Oh, and Christmas movies. Give me Hallmark and a mug of hot chocolate. Bliss.

Meet the Team

The Real CEO

While Lemur Communications is all me, I have a specialist for morale and entertainment. Murphy, my Chief Entertainment Officer, handles that part of the business.

He is entertaining, no question.

His work ethic is unsurpassed. Think vigorous play, patrolling the garden, interrupted by looong naps. And he knows when to comment: always during calls, meetings and webinars.

Murphy regularly wins Employee of the Month, testament to his outstanding contribution to joy and fun. I’m pretty sure he actually runs the office but kindly lets me do all the work…

Why Lemur Communications?

Photo by InspiredImages on pixabay

I called my business Lemur Communications because ring-tailed lemurs have been my favourite animals since childhood. They’re also skilled communicators, using 28 distinct call types, including purrs, chirps, howls, squeals and shrieks. They even twitter.

Don’t believe me? There’s a sound catalogue on Wikipedia.

And then there's Phineas...

There’s got to be a lemur, right? I’m still unclear on how I ended up with this one.

One day I found him sitting in the gum tree in our back yard, looking irritable. I thought he simply disliked the tree. Turns out that sneer is permanent.

When he finally deigned to climb down and speak to me, he introduced himself as Phineas. He claims he’s royalty, but I found his passport. His real name’s Hery Antananarivo. Seems pretty common to me.

Before you think I’m maligning one of my favourite animals, hear me out. Phineas is opinionated, obnoxious and obstinate. Everyone’s beneath him. Nothing’s ever good enough. His favourite thing is disagreeing with me.

Don’t be surprised if you come across him. He thrives on being the centre of attention.

I rush, rush, rushed to get my website up and out there, and Kerstin smoothed out every kink I'd caused getting there! Kerstin’s eye is unbelievable. She gave me food for thought over big picture items, from fonts and format and headline messaging, shaping them to bring true coherence, right down to button text and format. She leaves no piece of punctuation unturned! She’s a true pro, who delivers her expert wisdom with thought and caring. I wish I could buy what she’s got!
Elle Kwan
Head Copy Chef at

My Beliefs and Values

I serve with kindness, reliability, respect, honesty and generosity to help you reach your goals and achieve your vision. I use my abilities and gifts to make a difference to your life.

What I love more than anything else (apart from reading) is learning. I’m super curious (not in a ‘nosy’ way). But I simply have to understand why something works the way it does.

And I learn all the time. I keep my skills fresh and honed. If someone paid me for learning, I’d be first in line.

What I love just as much as learning is sharing what I’ve learned. One of the perks of my business is combining my love of learning with the ability to share all that information.

Using my knowledge, my skills, my experience to help you grow your business – that’s why I do what I do.

Still reading? Here are some more fun facts about me.

  • I read. All the time. Kindle, audiobooks, actual books, magazines, blogs. And just about any topic, although I particularly like non-fiction, fantasy (Harry Potter!) and historical fiction (especially set during the Peninsular War. Actually, wars in general. Why IS that?). And baking. Yeah, I read baking books for fun.

  • I relax by wandering around our garden, taking photos of flowers and pruning the roses. While trying to keep Murphy from getting into arguments with the local bird population. That part isn’t relaxing. And don’t even get me started on Phineas.

  • I’m German and have lived in Australia since 1991, thanks to my Aussie husband whom I met when I was working in America. He was on his first overseas holiday. Talk about bringing back a souvenir…

  • These days my favourite souvenir is a pair several pairs of adorable socks. I’m talking squirrels, moose, books, dogs, snowmen – you get the picture. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming out of a sock shop in LA, clutching a large shopping bag.

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Ready to leave those pesky details to me?

If, after reading all this, you think we’d be a good fit to work together, tell me about your challenges and how I can help you.

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