You need the services of an editor, copywriter or project manager. You may be an individual, run a business or work for a corporate, government or not-for-profit organisation.

I will consider jobs and projects of any size. I can edit your brochures, newsletters or reports. I can write an email for you or edit your CV. I can set up your website and manage it. I can write your blogs and handle your social media. I can design your communication strategy and write your content.

If you have not worked with an editor or a copywriter before, the information below explains what I do.


I offer substantive editing, copyediting and proofreading.

Substantive editing means I review the language, content, style, presentation and structure of your communication to ensure it is suitable for your target audience. This type of editing may involve significant rewriting, especially if the tone needs to be adjusted or if the text is not tailored to the right audience.

Copyediting means I check accuracy, consistency and clarity of your communication. I check spelling, grammar, images and graphs, consistency, accuracy and readability. I also make sure the tone, style and vocabulary are appropriate for your target audience. I do not rewrite large parts of the communication during this process.

Proofreading is the final check before your communication is published or printed. I check page numbers and headers, ensure the tone of the writing is consistent and that images and graphs work with the text. This process makes sure that any major errors are corrected before publication or printing.


Copywriting covers all aspects of original writing. This can be content for your website, social media posts, blogs, instructions, reports, templates and forms, white papers, newsletters and feature articles, vision and mission statements and taglines, staff profiles, bios and CVs, magazine and newspaper advertising, direct mail letters and emails, flyers and brochures, audio or video scripts, or speeches.

Copywriting can be as small as a 10-word tagline or as large as a full communication package for a project, including emails, web content, posters and social media posts.

Project Management

I’m an experienced project manager and can take your project communication from strategy to implementation.

I can coordinate your small projects. But if you need help with something much larger, that’s fine too. In my previous corporate life, I was responsible for the design and delivery of communication for IT projects to 60,000 people in over 40 countries using five different languages.

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