Editing and Proofreading

Substantive editing (The Pressure Test)

This suits a solid first draft that you know needs more.

I pressure test your copy to make sure your voice is clear and consistent. I make your piece smoother, tighter and more targeted toward your audience. I’ll tell you where you need to address holes in the flow and strengthen arguments. And I’ll give you suggestions that may trigger ideas to further elevate your content.

Copyediting (The Fine-Tune)

When your copy has been reviewed and you’ve completed the second draft, you’re ready for copyediting.

I check spelling, grammar and punctuation so they consistently match your preferences, which makes your voice strong and your copy clear and accurate.

Proofreading (The Spit and Polish)

This is the final check before you publish.

When I return your copy, it’s free from errors, typos and omissions, and format and layout are fit for purpose.
You can confidently publish your copy, knowing that it conveys your message accurately and professionally.

Website Audits and Revisions

Is your website no longer doing it’s job? Do more prospects bounce than convert? Then it’s time to check whether your copy and layout still suit your offers and your target audience.


My website audit will help you discover what needs to be changed or updated. And I can help with that as well.

Why spend money on a handful of specialists, and then have to deal with the hassle of integrating their work, when you can hire one incredible woman to do it all? Kerstin is smart, sensible and organised. Whatever your key message, she'll help you say it straight so that you hit your target market every time. When I'm working on creative writing projects, I turn to Kerstin whether I need a big-picture, structural edit, or whether I need her to put my words under a microscope for a copy edit. I rely on her to point out inconsistencies and places where my meaning might be misconstrued. Her feedback is generous and insightful, making my writing stand out and making it easier for me to be taken seriously by editors at literary publications.
Jenny Hedley
Writer and Editor
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